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Hai hai! Finally- ANIMANGA BLOGCREW! ♥ More details after the cut! 8D

Please READ EVERYTHING HERE, the rules and guides before claiming please! 8D

This was inspired by ritsuka182's Jmusic Blogcrew here. I'm getting greedier so I had to make this! :D It seems like fun~! And I've nothing to do at home, still looking for better things to do. I haven't seen any animanga blogcrew like this around. If there's already one, please don't hesitate to tell me and probably I'll be removing this! 8D

♚ R U L E S .
ⓐ This blogcrew is for animanga ONLY! ANIME + MANGA. Japan! Comics from other countries, games or vocaloids are not allowed. OMG I would love to enable claims for Vocaloid b-but.. it'll get too much ; A ; I'M SO SORRY!! ._.
ONE claim per user, ONE user per claim! Once that character is taken, that's it! And be patience! I'll wait for at least 10 claims before I start making buttons and post it. Don't rush me! ._.
ⓓ Make sure to update this blogcrew in your journal at least once a month. Claims increases *nods* I'll update the codes so be sure to check back this post 8Db
ⓔ Characters that are taken will be listed under "CLAIMS", double check and see if the character you want is already taken or not.
ⓕ You are not allowed to claim the same character, even though he/she is from different series. Example: Ichihara Yuuko from Tsubasa Chronicle or Ichihara Yuuko from xxxHOLiC, they are the SAME.
ⓖ Please be specific. I do not know everything. Character name/Series, eg: Teito Klein/07-Ghost or Teito Klein from 07-Ghost. FULL NAME. That's it!
ⓗ Yaoi, Yuri, Hetero animanga is fine with me. B-but not too explicit please ._. It'll be disturbing =w=
ⓘ Make sure your notifications are on and will be sent to your e-mail! I'll reply your comment when your claim is up and you can grab the codes.
ⓙ Please put "ANIMANGA FTW!" in your subject line to show that you have read the rules, pretty please!
ⓚ Use the form below when claiming. And I only accept HIGH QUALITY(HQ) pictures. If you're giving me pictures from the manga itself, make sure it's colored. COLORS! :D
ⓛ If you want to drop your claim, repost a new comment I'll remove it for you. Therefore, please wait for about 2-3 days until you can reclaim again.
ⓜ I'll ignore your claim if you didn't follow the rules. 8Db Any questions please ask! And for your name on the button, give something short? =w= It'll ruin the image if it's too long ._.

♚ B L O G C R E W .
This is how the blogcrew will look like. It's not enough yet! We need more participants. ♥ It'll look much prettier when claims increase! o[๑╹▽╹]ツ I already claimed Gilbert Nightray from Pandora Hearts so... he's taken! ♥ Fuufuuu~ Who knows I might unclaim him in the future~ :3

Total claims(not including pending): 94
Last updated: 5th March 2010 (+8 GMT)

JOIN? O(≧∇≦)O

♚ C O D E S .

Here's the codes! Remember to update ne! 8D ♥

♚ C L A I M S .

Axis Power Hetalia
Arthur Kirkland ☇ harumonia
Francis Bonnefoy ☇ lumos
Gilbert Weillschmidt ☇ antonio
Chibitalia ☇ parijienne
Elizaveta Héderváry ☇ kyfni
Taiwan ☇ kotoriri
Ivan Braginski(Russia) ☇ yoku_ki
Roderich Edelstein ☇ tamerofdarkness
Feliks Łukasiewicz ☇ furniture
Turkey (Sadiq Adnan) ☇ moirae
Alfred F.Jones ☇ sono_blac
Feliciano Vargas ☇ illyoana
Berwald Oxenstierna ☇ madblessyou
Matthew Williams ☇ ketsudan
Peter Kirkland ☇ couleurmonvie

Claire Stanfield ☇ fiercepotato

Bakuretsu Tenshi
Meg Mitarai ☇ myriandelle

Kurosaki Ichigo ☇ wet
Kuchiki Byakuya ☇ wlifers
Grimmjow Jaegerjaques ☇ fuegofeather
Kisuke Urahara ☇ slayerizedcarol
Tesla ☇ nendo_chan
Szayel Aporro Grantz ☇ zaerapolo
Kyouraku Shunsui ☇ kateison
Kuchiki Rukia ☇ kwansan
Ulquiorra Schiffer ☇ unpresentablex

Furukawa Nagisa ☇ serah

Code Geass
Lelouch Lamperouge ☇ yunravensyen

Kanda Yu ☇ xaixin

Darker Than Black
Yin ☇ moonherb
Hei ☇ lenniechan

Death Note
Mello ☇ gasmask
L ☇ elledesu

Izumi Koushiro ☇ revoiment_hika
Tachikawa Mimi ☇ piffleprincess

Dark ☇ xaciel

Masaomi Kida ☇ asatosei
Orihara Izaya ☇ nrstar
Shizuo Heiwajima ☇ stunningsunrize

Fullmetal Alchemist
Edward Elric ☇ boxed_hearts

Yomi Isayama ☇ psicoactive

Gensomaden Saiyuki
Cho Hakkai ☇ yue_akuma

Gundam 00
Feldt Grace ☇ staticphrase
Louise Halevy ☇ hina_icons

Ryuichi Sakuma ☇ ladycloche

Higurashi no naku koro ni
Rena Ryuugu ☇ hoshi_myuu

Ichigo Mashimaro
Nobue Ito ☇ warsex

Junjou Romantica
Takahashi Misaki ☇ rika_shinmei

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Hibari Kyouya ☇ taeyong
Sawada Tsunayoshi ☇ riznao
Byakuran ☇ pikatic
Gokudera Hayato ☇ juniormint
Yamamoto Takeshi ☇ tokugawa
Fran ☇ anitsi_c
Fon ☇ planetariumlove

Kimi ni Todoke
Sawako Kuronuma ☇ bluejayes

Undertaker ☇ piernik_is_here
Sebastian Michaelis ☇ xelectric3567
Grell Sutcliff ☇ jalela
Ciel Phantomhive ☇ lostxfairytale
Elizabeth Middleford ☇ fake_and_pure

Agatsuma Soubi ☇ cielyshirou

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Fate Testarossa ☇ bunnydolls

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
Neuro Nogami ☇ woo_chan

Neji Hyuuga ☇ starry_overture
Sasuke Uchiha ☇ vejibra
Sakura Haruno ☇ pinkified

Nabari no Ou
Yoite ☇ ligust_dactna
Aizawa Ryouichi ☇ 4th_alice

Natsume Yuujinchou
Nyanko Sensei ☇ zuanchan

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Asuka Langley Sohryu ☇ envydia

Nodame Cantabile
Chiaki Shinichi ☇ reloadings

One Piece
Tony Tony Chopper ☇ jamminbison

Pandora Hearts
Gilbert Nightray ☇ 7thbullet
Jack Vessalius ☇ pockichu
Elliot Nightray ☇ rinmei
Echo ☇ suruma
Vincent Nightray ☇ darkmaya666
Alice ☇ wilkendush
Charlotte Lotti Baskerville ☇ puutarhalapio

Ranma 1/2
Akane Tendo ☇ arashi_su

Son Goku ☇ sunnycheonsa

Saraiya Goyou
Yaichi ☇ ittoki

Sasameki Koto
Ushio Kazama ☇ samarecarm

Sengoku Basara
Date Masamune ☇ kafkaexplosion

Shaman King
Hanna Asakura ☇ kuroimamoru

Shugo Chara!
Hoshina Utau ☇ ju_jei

Suzumiya Haruuhi no Yuutsu
Itsuki Koizumi ☇ osaka01
Kyon ☇ sono_ike

Tales of Symphonia
Colette Brunel ☇ fourier

Touhou: Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red
Shameimaru Aya ☇ anime19595

Umineko no naku koro ni
Beatrice ☇ liy93

Vampire Knight
Kaname Kuran ☇ sheriruu

Weiss Kreuz
Ken Hidaka ☇ seliria

♚ P E N D I N G .
If you're in here, means you still need to give me a better picture(already replied to your comment). If you take too long to respond(max. 14 days), I'll remove your claim and other users can claim your character.

★ List ★
none for now. :D

♚ F O R M .
Please, please, if you're NOT so good/familiar with HTML, use the FIRST form below.

「 01 」
Name on the button(or username): HERE
Your name: HERE
Journal URL: http://USERNAME.livejournal.com/
Who's your claim: NAME from SERIES NAME
Picture 01(Your very first choice): LINK HERE
Picture 02(Your second choice): LINK HERE
Have you read the rules?: ANSWER

「 02 」

「 EXAMPLE(for a good application) 」
Name on the button(or username): NOAHKO
Your name: Shizuka
Journal URL: http://noahko.livejournal.com/
Who's your claim: Gilbert Nightray from Pandora Hearts
Picture 01(Your very first choice): HERE
Picture 02(Your second choice just incase): HERE
Have you read the rules?: Yep! 8D ANIMANGA FTW! ♥ LOL.

♚ P R O M O T E .
Help promote this blogcrew! ♥ Post it in your entry, profile, communities, anywhere! :D The more the merrier, ne?~ :3 Just grab the codes under each banner! Just take either one. LOL.

Okay, when I say update once a month, LOL. It's because, claims will increase as time passes, and the buttons will also increase. The codes are not for individual, it's for EVERYONE that has already claimed, it's like a big family! 8D ♥ For example, the Jmusic blogcrew codes I posted in my blogcrew entry HERE, all is there. I check the blogcrew entry HERE and update my own entry once a month, at least. LOL. So that it won't be outdated. And after I reply your comment saying that your button is up, then you only can take the codes!! PATIENCE! Comprehendo? Sorry I really suck at explaining. D:

OKAY! I'm not dead yet! Sorry for being SO SO FREAKING LATE. I'll do it asap once I reorganize what I need to do! /bows repeatedly ;w;

- Last finished button, planetariumlove (self reminder LOL).
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  • #101 I am crazy over U, U, U, U, U

    I got some ideas after listening to Wilber Pan's new songs. And here you go... A Blogcrew after my decades' hiatus. :P Oh, [C LA I M H ER…

  • #98: Addiction!

    Claimhere ♥ is my drug,…

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    Note to every blogcrew claimers out there: ~ All my blogcrews that are still open, feel free to just grab the codes, I won't be replying them…